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throat singing, vocal, igil, doshpuluur

throat singing, vocal, guitar



Angyr-ool ONDAR

The band HARTYGA is rightly seen as a leader of the “second wave of Tuva rock”, which has the potential to become a powerful tsunami of the world music industry.

The primitive and primal energy of Tuvan land groans in every sound of morin khuur (also known as horsehead fiddle) and each deep roar produced by Nachyn Choreve. It rings in the copper of a saxophone and in an irrepressible roar of an electric guitar’s, rumbles in every stroke of drums beating the rhythm of galloping of many thousand herds in a steppe. And you are carried away easily under this meditative rite in a single stream with flying sparks of fire in the starry night sky of Tuva.

This almost shamanistic magic is created by five musicians from Kyzyl. They are doing it without any pathos and external psychedelia, at the highest professional level. They are really excellent musicians with many years of experience of playing in the most famous Tuvan bands from the famous folk ensemble Tyva to charismatic Republic of Tuva government Brass Band.

However, the group believes it’s nest (as in Tuvan language “Hartyga” means “Falcon”), to be the Ustuu-Khuree festival of live music and belief. This is where they met and began their career together, this is where they first felt a taste of fame. The band participated in the festival three times, and three times was among the winners. And today almost every musical folk-rock-jazz festival – can safely put the Falcons in its headline.

Indeed, the band’s music is quite naturally perceived by many diverse groups as their own. Folk motifs and jazz momentum, powerful rock riffs – all this plays a role in the music by Hartygi, despite the fact that the basis of their repertoire (like for many Tuvan groups) is made up of Tuvan folk songs. Such a wide range of musical interests is easily explainable. Tuva people by nature are musically talented and have an ability to absorb various world musical trends as a sponge.



Therefore Hartyga is not afraid to experiment and boldly combines melodic morin khuur sounds with sonorous brass and hard guitar riffs on a solid rhythm group groove. However, all this would not be so impressive without a powerful and magnetic voice of the band leader vocalist Nachyn Choreve. Today he is considered one of the best hoomeydzhi (masters of throat singing) of Tuva along with such old masters as Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg.

2011 – headliner of the international festival of live music and belief Ustuu-Khuree

2012 – prizewinner at a jazz festival EniJazz (Russia’s Krasnoyarsk)

2013 – headliner of an international music festival The Voice Of The Nomad (Russia’s Republic of Buryatia)

2014 – headliner of an international festival of contemporary music Tabyk (Russia’s Yakutsk)

2014 – the Grand Prix at ethnic festival From Yry (Russia’s Republic of Khakassia)

It’s fresh and solid talent; powerful sound rich in frequencies and soaked in overtones to squelching; wild, but bridled power – a performance that a usual musician allows himself only “for the last time ever”.


Sometimes psychedelic, sometimes jazzy, sometimes the essence of rock’n’roll the quintet are a band that needs to be on every playlist anywhere in the world even if only to pull out when you fancy a whisky to rasp a sore throat.


Hartyga’s sounds are so attractive because of their desire to create something unique, special. They do not aspire to adapt their music to masses. They just play root songs like they hear, and there is magic happens. They make sincere phonation. Hartyga force you to think about the roots of the jazz-fusion, psychedelic and hard rock. And the single thought that appears in your mind if there is a possibility that these genres grew up from tuvan folk?

Albert Kuvezin

Singer, guitarist and composer. He is the founder of the legendary ethno-rock band YAT-KHA and co-founder of other famous Tuvan band Huun-Huur-Tu, both of whom have been touring the world since 1991 and have released countless CDs.

Albert’s favorite style of Tuvan throat singing technique is the ultra-low kargyraa. The most famous music critic in Russia Artemy Troitsky wrote: “There are two unique voices on Earth: Pavarotti and Kuvezin”. His last solo album “Poets And Lighthouses” reached #1 in European Charts of World Music in January 2011, just one among many awards at international level.

Aside from touring live and making records Albert has made music for theater and cinema: “Fire Island” (USA, director Kevin Cunningham); “Wanted Carmen” (Tuvan director Suzanna Oorzhak), the soundtrack for the classic 1928 silent movie “Storm Over Asia” (USSR/1928, director Vsevolod Pudovkin) and also “Heat after Dark” (Japan / 1996, director Ryuhei Kitamura).

Albert says about “Hartyga”:

In my opinion it is currently the best modern group in Tuva. I call their style “ethno-jazz-rock”, though it could be not exact. Guys are acquainted good enough with classic music, jazz and rock, as well as with Tuvinian folk music, for it all to sound quite natural, which I have always been trying to achieve and preserve in “Yat-Ha”. I shall be honest with you, I am pleased that we have followers, and I would like to help them at this stage of their development. Plus young energy and drive lights me myself up, some kind of energy vampiring on my part.

Prizes & Awards:

1990 – Special Prize of Brian Eno at International Music Contest “Voice of Asia” in Kazakhstan.
1996 – Grand Jury Prize of RFI Radio France International “Decouvertes – Pop & Rock in the East”.
1999 – German Music critics (Deutsche Schallplatten Kritik) Prize for originality.
2002 – BBC Radio 3 World Music Award (in the “Asia/Pacific” section).
2007 – Siberian Music Award “The legend of Ethno-Music”.

For 30 years Albert Kuvezin has performed across the former Soviet Union, Russia, Europe, Asia and North America in venues and festivals such as: Royal Festival Hall (London), Carnegie Hall (NYC), Kennedy Center (DC) and festivals such as: Glastonbury, Reading, Sfinks, WOMAD, WOMEX, Roskilde, London Meltdown, Chicago World Music Fest, Ottawa Blues Fest, Quebec Summer Fest, Meltdown, South by South West Austin Tx and many, many others.

His collaborations include global stars such as: The Chieftains, Asian Dub Foundation, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Trans Global Underground, Varttinaa (Finland), Susheela Raman (UK/India), 3-Legged Dog Art and Technology Center (New York) and many others.


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